Weaving with Texture BEGINNER Workshop with Ashton Zager

The best way to learn how to weave is to watch someone do it. Drawing from her experience as a fiber artist over the past 4 years, Ashton Zager has created an engaging workshop that will teach you how to weave your own weaving from start to finish. This class is of beginner level, but differs from her normal beginner class by focusing on texture instead of traditional flat weaving. We will be using a variety of fun materials such as rope and rug yarn. Weaving techniques covered will include: warping your loom, the tabby stitch, variations of complex tabby stitches and rya knots. No prior knowledge or skills are necessary!
Handmade wooden loom (that you get to keep!)
Metal tapestry needle
Enough fiber for 1 tapestry
3 hours of teaching
Sign up for Weaving with Texture Intermediate Workshop on Sunday, August 4th and save $20 using the code LOVEWEAVING20 
About the Artist:
Ashton began weaving in December of 2014. She’d stumbled across a tutorial on Pinterest and decided to give it a shot. She’d tried and failed painting, drawing, calligraphy, etc. in high school and did not consider herself a creative at all, but this seemed like something she could achieve. Before she knew it, she had made too many weavings than could fit on her walls so she decided to open up her own Etsy shop. She has since seen steady growth in her business and has been featured as a local artist in places such as West Elm and Anthropologie. In May of 2016, she decided to pursue weaving as her full time job along with her roles as wife and mother to her sons, Louie and Hank.


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