We have arrived!

We have arrived!

After months + months of planning we made it! Nest Boutique + DIY Studio has been such a dream we still pinch ourselves thinking of how far we’ve come! From a mini business plan to a dreamy space in Biltmore Village, we’ve persevered and pressed our vision into reality and it’s been such a gift to see it unfold!

Our Why. 

So why? Why did we leave our stay-at-home mommy duties to jump into this crazy world of retail? We’ve been asked, “Why?” many times and every time Millie + I are both are quick to respond because we both feel so strongly about our business’s purpose and here’s why.

Being mamas, we know how it feels to give everything to those we love. We give our lives to our husband’s, our time to our children and whatever’s left over goes to the relationships with the ones we love. But what we don’t always give to is ourselves. So many women give their all to everyone around them but never take the time to stop, love on themselves, + feel beautiful.

But we're not talking beauty queen beautiful, it’s not a generic beauty we’re suggesting. We're describing a beauty that comes from the inside out. A beauty you gain from feeling confidant + strong. That’s how we want you to leave Nest, gaining a raw beauty. Whether you leave glowing in a new top that makes you feel younger or with a rad skill you learned at a workshop, we want you to walk out our doors glowing + shining your light for everyone to see. Each one of us have been so beautifully + wonderfully made we want to pause + celebrate that.  We feel it’s our purpose to help reveal that beauty with those who walk into our Nest and to tell you how amazing you are.  Because you are so loved!  

So Why? What it comes down to is, Our why is our purpose. And our purpose is to spread the Love.

Thank you so much for your support!  We cannot wait to Nest with you! 


xoxo, Susan

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