Velvet + Vampires

Finally, it is beginning to cool down and the leaves are changing. Fall has arrived and with it soon follows pumpkins and party invitations for Halloween. This always comes with a dilemma… What to wear? And we all know that when it comes to Halloween costumes, there is a fine line between classy and trashy. Am I right?!

Here at The Nest, we wanted to give you some creative inspiration for sexy and chic fashions for this years’ Halloween soirees. We partnered with Devynn Potter {makeup artist}, Carol Flack {hairstylist}, and Justine Elbertson {photographer} to put together three classic costume ideas using pieces that you can find right here in the store. Every look has items that you can not only use for this party season, but also can be new editions to your closet as glam statement pieces for Christmas, New Years, weddings, or mingled in your everyday wardrobe.


Necklace: Amber Hatchett Lion Collection available in store only

When it comes to your standard vampire attire, it’s better to stray from the Count Dracula look and go more towards an old world, sophisticated vibe. Just think, 100 year old vampire dressed in modern elegance paired with heirloom classics. Our vampy transformation uses mostly black, fitted pieces with a pop of vivid red to complete the look. The best part about this outfit, besides the beyond soft WYLDR coat (you will get double takes with its plushness), is that the velvet leggings and mesh bodysuit are both Spanx brand. That means that you will be stylish and comfortable at the same time! Plus the bodysuit is an incredible layering piece for all body types that can help take strappy summer outfits into fall. To complete this look we added a featured piece from one of our local artists, Amber Hatchett. Every one of her designs are made from unique trinkets found at estate sales which perfectly matched this elegant and edgy costume.


Dress // Jewelry - Amber Hatchett Designs- Charm Necklace Chain- $40; Charms- between $10-$12; Bracelets- $22 each Available in store only.

Fashionable zombie may seem like an oxymoron, but we think this is a costume you can have a lot of fun with. Imagine a dinner party gone wrong as some of the guests turn into zombies! This dainty, vintage style frock is turned deadly when paired with a zombie weapon of choice. We thought a candlestick would be a nice touch. Next we accessorized this outfit with our beloved Amber Hatchett charm necklace and bracelets. If you guys are looking for a personalized gift or even a little something to treat-yo-self, check out Amber Hatchett's Facebook on her custom charm pieces!  To top off this look, use pearlescent highlighter and dark lipstick to play up this undead style with some creative makeup and teased out hair!


Dress $85 // Coat $120 // Headbands of Hope $18 // Necklace $52 // Earrings $38
Shoes $168

Lastly, we have an all-time Halloween favorite. The 1920’s Flapper! You can never go wrong with this fun and flirty take on a classic. We went with a Gatsby style glitz and glam gold, sparkly dress paired with a luxurious Line and Dot velvety coat. One of our values as a business is to support organizations with beautiful causes. This costume features a lacy headpiece from Headbands of Hope, so with every headband you buy, a headband is given to a child who is fighting cancer, which we love being able to support. Polish this little number off with a string of beads or pearls, a feather boa, and a deep red lipstick and you are ready to dance the night away!

Have we gotten your creative juices flowing with costume inspiration? Find these styles and so many more here at The Nest Boutique. And remember to keep it classy this Halloween!



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